About Us

Almost 20 years ago, continuing the old craftsmеn traditions, a jewelry company "Amber Concept " was established. Modern amber processing methods applied in the company enabled jewellers to disclose the beauty of amber at the highest level. We are very proud of our team and the products they create.

Nowadays, like in the past, amber is widely used in jewelry, art and medicine as it positively influances human bionergy.

Our products are manufactured from ecologically clean natural amber without admixtures or chemical additives.

Amber Concept name guarantees quality.

Company and Jewelry

The company

The company currently employs 34 masters that have the highest experience and qualification to work at the manufacturing facilities in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our team skills and modern technology allow us to fulfill all our clients' orders on time and with the highest precision. New and unique designs are presented on a regular basis.


  • Amber and Sterling Silver Necklaces
  • Amber and Sterling Silver Chokers
  • Amber and Sterling Silver Bracelets
  • Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings
  • Amber and Sterling Silver Rings
  • Loose Beads

Why us?

We know Baltic Amber better than anyone – it’s been in our lives ever since we can remember, it's a treasure we pass on generation after generation. We are glad to offer you a variety of exclusive first class quality natural amber jewelry made by our experienced masters.


We are always looking for new partners. If you are interested in our products, please contact us via email.

'Amber Concept Ltd.'

Liepkalnio str 83-A,
Vilnius, 02120,
Tel.: +37062316887
E-mail: sales@amberconcept.com; info@amberconcept.com



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